We all sleep. We all know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. And over 57 million of us have watched Purple’s explainer video on YouTube. Purple makes mattresses, a product that all of us need and none of us have ever associated with humor. Mattresses are expensive and the options are numerable. And nobody is ever excited about buying a new one. This is a crazy notion as most of us spend up to a third of our lives lying on a mattress.

Many of us have also spent a sleepless night stuck in the weird zombie land of late-night infomercials. Those unintentionally funny videos trying desperately to sell us stuff we likely do not need. Among the multitude of terrible infomercials are the ones trying to sell us mattresses. They look enticing and plenty of poor saps fall prey to this horrific advertising. But those of us with discerning minds know that we need to go to the store and put our physical bodies on the bed we might own for the next ten years.

So how then does Purple’s traction video drive more than $75 million in sales in 18 months without a single person ever lying on a Purple mattress before buying? The answer lies in humor coupled with authenticity. The Purple Goldilocks uses the best traction video strategy of education and entertainment. The familiarity of Goldilocks falling asleep on the “just right” mattress from the fairy tale automatically appeals to us with an endearing element and it immediately sets up the story without having to take the time to explain it.

The explanation that is provided, parallels the fable and quickly—while maintaining comedic entertainment—convinces the audience that the Purple mattress is indeed the “just right” mattress for everyone. It features science, comedy, a slight yet crucial amount of weirdness, and an excellent actress. The company sweetens the deal with free delivery and a 100% guarantee that really conveys a nothing-to-lose experience.

As a new company in a very established industry, Purple knew the only way to break into the market and be a compelling option wasn’t just about creating a superior product. According to Alex McArthur, the Chief Marketing Officer of Purple:

The bedding industry has typically been very bland. There isn’t a lot of personality in the marketing collateral. Our story is very different. We have a personality. We try and be approachable and relatable, not stiff and overly professional, and that has resonated with a lot of people (source).

Purple takes advantage of this resonance with continued production of explainer videos. Their first one was a home run and they keep swinging away, garnering over 500 million total views. They’ve capitalized on the virality of their content, put advertising dollars behind it to propel it further and as a result, they’re leaders in the Bed In a Box market. Their videos live on social media, where analytics are leaps and bounds above traditional TV counterparts. The internet offers the most diverse and complete set of measurements for video marketing. And Purple is taking full advantage of this. They really do have that “just right” strategy and it shows in their videos and marketing prowess.

Written by Duke Jarboe, Lead Videographer at Traction Video