How much does a Traction Video cost?

It depends. Most Traction Videos we make cost between $9k and $150k…it’s a really big range, but you can learn more about how we structure our prices below…

Market Research & Strategic Planning

We need to understand your brand, your positioning, and your core differentiators before we ever start the ideation phase of putting a script together. We also need to understand your target audience and prospective customers to discern which elements of your story line are most likely to resonate with them the most; to persuade them to trust and share and become loyal to your products and services. This is, by far, the most important phase of the entire process; it’s also the phase most frequently neglected by most video production companies.

How we go about this research varies on a case by case basis. If we’re starting from scratch, focus groups and surveys have proven to build a strong foundation of a solid strategy. This process can be married with or replaced by an in-depth analytical deep-dive to uncover trends and audience attributes which we can turn into key persuasive elements within the story line of the video. This is where our analytical expertise, 3rd party subscription-based tools, and primary research really come in handy.

If you know everything there is to know already, then we can cross this cost off the proposal entirely. If we’re truly starting from scratch then we have all the experts and tools necessary to inform the strategic planning process. In reality, you’re somewhere between these two extremes, and that’s where cost can vary. Generally speaking, you can expect the cost of this phase to range between $2,500 and $5,000 for most projects. Our standard packages typically allocate about 30 hours of effort to complete this portion of the process.

Ideation & Script Creation

This is where analytics informs creative. Building on what we’ve learned about your audience and your brand, we begin the process of brainstorming great ideas for your Traction Video.

We typically create 2-3 completely different concepts in the form of completed scripts. With an in-person meeting, we can work with you to isolate the components you like the most from each individual concept. The final plan is the result of the hybridization of each unique script, turning it into one great script building on the strengths of each. You sign-off on the final concept before we begin planning the production phase.

Depending on the number of revisions required, this phase generally costs between $2,000 and $4,000. Our standard package allocates about 25 hours for this phase of the process.


Roll film! We do our best to limit the time you need to allocate for filming to 1-2 business days (we almost always try to include the brand leaders and employees in each video shoot because you can’t match the benefits of putting faces and personalities at the forefront of a Traction Video).

Each shoot is different, but you can expect to have Traction Video team members covering videography, photography, audio and lighting, direction & crew assistance included for almost every video shoot. Larger shoots with additional actors and extras, time-sensitive or complex scenes, etc. definitely require more hands on deck. All of these items, however, are planned and accounted for when we review the final script.

There’s no doubt this is the most expensive phase of the process considering the volume of experts required for this component of the project. This phase generally costs at least $3,500 but can increase based on the requirements of the production. Our standard package allocates about 50 hours of effort split between the standard members of the team outlined above.


Post-production equates to editing all the video and audio captured during production, and may additionally include voice-over recording depending on the requirements of the script. We always ask for your input on our final drafts before we consider the project complete. Typically with 1-2 rounds of final revisions we can deliver a Traction Video you can be proud of, and which your audience will truly enjoy.

The length and complexity of the footage and audio recordings have the largest bearing on cost for this step. The cost of this phase generally starts at about $1,000 and can rise to $3,000 for more labor-intensive projects. Our standard package allocates about 25 hours for this phase of the project.

All In Cost

Overall, the minimum cost to really do a great job at producing a launch video that won’t just look good on your homepage, but will actively generate interest and sales and virality for your brand rarely costs less than $9,000 and can cost significantly more as duration and complexity are added to the shoot.

Keep in mind that no two Traction Videos are the same, so the only way to know how to budget for your launch video is to get in touch with us so we can begin to create an outline for you.

You will not receive a greater return on your marketing dollars from any other efforts. Ask Dollar Shave Club, AirBnB, Uber, Slack, TRUECar, Salesforce, Square, or any of the hundreds of startups who decided to invest in actively defining their brand with a launch video.

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